In our holiday farmhouse you can buy our high quality extra virgin IGP olive oil!

Colle Oliveto extra virgin olive oil is extracted exclusively from olives of mainly frantoiano, moraiolo and leccino quality which are harvested in the period from mid-October to the end of November, when they are not yet fully ripe, to conserve better the qualities of the oil.
The harvest takes place mainly by hand and with the help of shakers that drop the olives on special sheets.
We use only the freshest olives from our olive grove that fall on the harvesting sheets that are brought to the oil mill for cold pressing, which usually takes place on the same day of the harvest, in fact, the great care is to start the harvest in the morning to bring at the end of the day the olives to the mill and obtain the highest quality.
It is an excellent product that occurs at the sight of an intense green color. Its smell is perfumed to Mediterranean herbs and the flavor is broad, balanced and very persistent.
For over ten years the oil has obtained the Tuscan IGP quality certification.